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"Got music to submit? Check out these playlists I curate below!"

NOTE: I approve songs every second sunday - so factor in 2 weeks before you see your songs up - I process them in batches.

Please don't remove me or my playlists as a result thinking you haven't been added - it takes time.

Emotional Song Playlist

This playlist is for intense songs with intense emotions - pop, rock, easy listening, etc.

Usually involving vocals, or epic energetic orchestral pieces - basically anything that

isn't calm, but isn't EDM as well. Please listen to the playlsits below before you submit to them.

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Soothing Sounds Playlist

This playlist is for calm, acoustic songs, ambient music, experimental type chill music

with no vocals - just backing vocals for ambiance allowed - this is a mostly instrumental

playlist. Also no piano. You can submit piano but it will be added to the piano playlist,

not this one. The piano playlist does not have its own submit link.

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The Most Intense Focus EDM Playlist

This playlist is for only THE most intense driving beats designed to really get you up and

dancing! Only EDM genres allowed. Hard driving bass, eurotype hard hitting beats. Music

like basshunter, cascada, tiesto, etc. Think 90s music. Anthem music. Euro music. Modern

style EDM also accepted, but it has to be driving and intense - no chill EDM.

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Lounge - Modern Electronic Music Playlist

This playlist is for Calm soothing electronic - lulling beats, modern sound - loungey

type music in chill surroundings - not quite edm not quite emotional not quite ambient,

but somewhere in between. This playlist will be turned over frequently once it gets over

100 users to keep turnout fresh.

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The Radiance Music Playlist

This playlist is for All songs that you listen to and are just magically transported far

away.. Songs that represent the Radiance: angelic lyrics, uplifting pads, radiant intense

heavenly music. Look at the image for the playlist - the song should represent the energy

you feel radiating from that image. Godly. The best of the best. No piano songs.

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Dark Intensity Music Playlist

This playlist is for all those dark styles of music - heavy metal, dark instrumental,

aggrotech, industrial, etc. Usually accompanied by intense vocals and drums, but not

always. I made this as there was really no place in my other playlists for it and

the emotional songs playlist is for more positive sounding music. No piano.

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The Best of Celtic Music Playlist

This playlist is for the best celtic music out there - whether it's traditional, or

more town themed or medeival or folk music it belongs in here. This playlist was made

to help separate these songs from the emotional or soothing sounds playlists, which

are starting to get inundated with them. No piano.

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