"..welcome traveler.. to the wood.. you must be exhausted.. here.. rest your weary head.."

The Chron riddles are a deceptively challenging online adventure made of 100 riddles

inspired by the ze?t riddles of old, but with a less sinister vibe, created by Chronamut.

It is loosely based off the wood between the worlds from the magicians nephew book

the prequel to the chronicles of narnia, where Polly and Digory get trapped

in a wood between worlds, and nearly fall asleep there for all eternity.

They have 2 magic rings - one brings them to the wood, the other takes them to another world..

The wood has pools dotted throughout - each leading to another world.

From the wood between worlds they don their rings and explore these other worlds.

Join them on their adventure or fall into an eternal slumber here, never to return..


The idea of the game is simple... go back to the main page and click Enter to enter the riddle...

You will be transfered to the first level of the wood and your task will be to find another one...

and then another one...

If it all sounds too easy... just try it...

what do i need to play?

to play Chron riddles you need nothing but your pc and internet connection...

to finish it you may need a few more things, like:


Chron riddles is extremely addictive and time-consuming. have that in mind before you start...

cancel your meetings for next year, take a holiday, say goodbye to your partner...

fact: some people needed years to finish the game, some needed years just to give up...

intenet browser

As the game lives in the web environment you play it in your web browser...

opera and google chrome are browsers we recommend to play it...

Some browsers may be found to be find difficult to cooperate - no transparent pictures in ie<7.0...

graphic editor

No, paint brush is not enough. to solve some riddles you will need adobe photoshop or gimp... is essential. You will use it many times on your way to destiny...

in some of the first 10 riddles you will notice a google search bar below the picture...

that indicates that the riddle requires some web search to be performed...

Remember that after no. 10 you will never be told again when to use it...

and after all, believe - you will honestly be able to add 'advanced web searching' into your personal cv...


Take a deep breath, count to ten then start again...

It's all about fun!


click here to get GIMP editor...

Chronline riddles is best to be played in 1024x768 or higher resolution... Use opera or Chrome.

We have our own Discord page! Click below to chat with us and get hints and talk with the creator!

Chron Riddles Discord Chat Room

background music is an integral part of Chron riddles...


Finished the Chron Riddles? Feeling adventurous? Try the NOTCRUX Bonus Riddle!

This riddle is the hardest riddle of them all, you must find 3 items within it to win it!

Those who solved Zest Riddle entirely will need all they learned to solve it.



Also, we pay homage here to Ze?t Riddle, the first online riddle to start them all..

You can visit Zest through the Chron Riddles here:

Zest Online Riddle

It is highly recommended you complete ze?t before you attempt the notcrux bonus..


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